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Hope & Help

Hope & Help project focuses the rehabilitation of people with disabilities and at enabling them to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels. The society has been working with this section of people since 1964 and the project Hope and Help was started in 1986. ESSS could help many people to live a normal life since then. Vocational rehabilitation, seminars, supply of orthopaedic equipment, treatment, counselling are the programmes under this project. So far ESSS supported 1493 beneficiaries under this programme and in the year 2014 - 2015, 35 no of beneficiaries were supported.

Sayamprabha Elders Self Help Group

In Kerala, count of destitute old age people is increasing day by day. Factors playing major role in increasing this numbers are globalization, decreasing moral values, nuclear families and other socio economic factors. As the name indicates Sayamprabha, the programme for senior citizens befalls to be a gleam of light in the fading human life. The elders are organized in the pattern of Self Help Groups and breed itself through a wide range of activities like common gatherings, meditation, recreation, cultural sessions, counseling, health check up, etc. Besides the task of providing for the present generation an opportunity to learn from the wisdom and experience of the seniors. ESSS also helps older people to claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty, so that they can lead a dignified, secures active and healthy live. At present there are 180 Sayamprabha groups functions in five regions of ESSS.

Project Astitva

Project Astitva supported by HelpAge India is a ground-breaking intervention of ESSS for the care and protection of the elders in the coastal belt of Vypin Island. Under the Project Astitva 50 Elder Self Help Groups were formed with a total membership of 756 elders.

Project Astitva Activities:

Social mainstreaming of Spinsters

The phenomenon of single women is an emerging issue in the Indian society mainly due to rapid social and economic changes taking place in society. Although the proportion of these women is rather small, yet it is significant enough to indicate the emerging trends. In the Indian society with patriarchal structure, such women face discriminatory behaviour in various spheres of life compared to other women. Many a times this discrimination is very subtle, but most of the time it is very implicit due to social taboos and various restrictions on their movements and actions. They are vulnerable to economic, social, psychological and physical exploitation. In this scenario, ESSS and KSSF join hands together to mainstream these vulnerable groups. We formed 12 spinsters groups and created a space for their own. They avail awareness classes, legal aid services, DSSS level get together and so on through the project.


Build A House Plan (BAHP)

Thousands of people in Kerala live in sub standard housing that do not have adequate sanitation and safe weather protection. On this scenario ESSS initiated Build A House Plan (BAHP) with regular financial contributions from well wishers to develop a housing scheme or the extremely underprivileged section who does not find way to any loan financed other housing scheme. SHGs and Mythri members of ESSS contribute a fixed amount monthly towards these schemes.

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