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Kerala Domestic Workers Forum [KTWF]

Domestic Workers Forum, the umbrella organization for domestic workers operational under Kerala Labour Movement is functional at ESSS. The forum emphasizes on dignified working conditions, reasonable remuneration and job protection of the domestic workers.

Swathanthra Nirmana Thozhilali Union [SNTU]

Swathanthra Nirmana Thozhilali Union is an independent trade union of construction workers functioning under Kerala Labour Movement.Apart from employment and welfare guarantee,the programme specifies on building up good workmanship qualities, skill enhancement and entrepreneurial development etc...

Kerala Tailoring Workers Forum [KTWF]]

Kerala Tailoring Workers Forum is another initiative of Kerala Labour Movement functional at ESSS.KTWF has been instrumental for enrollment of tailoring workers in the Kerala Tailoring workers Welfare Fund Board

Kerala Migrant Workers Forum [KMWF].

Since a major chunk of the unorganized workers come from other states most of them live on the outskirts of the city in clumsy and congested conditions. The problems prevailing in these areas are varied and some of them are grave and that gave the thought for initiating Kerala Migrants Workers Forum and programme exclusively for them is on Progress.

Welfare Fund Model of Social Security Measures

Welfare funds represent a unique model developed in India for providing social security protection to workers in the unorganized sector. Funds are raised through contributions from various sources including employers, employees, as well as the government and used for meeting expenditure for the welfare of workers. The role of ESSS would be in facilitating development of unorganized workers in desirable and progressive direction by entering in to a continuous dialogue with different welfare boards and departments for promoting social security schemes. The statistics of membership in different welfare schemes is as listed in the table.

Building knowledge & capacities

Training and capacity building are central to human & institutional development initiative of ESSS labour department. It enables people, communities and systems to strengthen their capabilities to plan, develop, implement and maintain inclusive development of marginalized work force in the target area. The details of training and capacity building programme are as listed in the table


"No problem exists in isolation: lasting solutions must address the whole family system. The Family Development programme helps prevent homelessness by helping families build strength, stability and resources."

The Save A Family Plan India (SAFP) funded Family Development Programme (FDP) of ESSS is initiated to help poverty stricken families to meet their basic needs and to encourage them to move towards self reliance by the creation of their own personalized income generation projects. This will lead the selected families to self-sufficient within the six years of monthly financial assistance and guidance.

The programme helps to


Snehasparsam is a family sponsorship programme to help the poorest of poor families. The programme is conceptualized as a programme in connection with Quasquicentennial Jubilee celebration of the Archdiocese of Verapoly and the Golden Jubilee celebration of Ernakulam Social Service Society. The poor families selected through the eligibility criteria will be assisted for a period of six years consecutively. An amount of Rs.1000/- will be given to the families every month.

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